Sunday, 10 June 2012

BT Fibre To The Cabinet

Perhaps it would be more accurate if BT's sign said "Fibre broadband stops here"

Ironically there's a Virgin Media cabinet around the corner which has been fiber fed and delivering broadband for years, so it's not even as if there is anything new "here."

Double FAIL for BT advertising.

BT telephone exchanges have been fibre-fed for years - previous generations of DSL broadband have been delivered from DSLAMs in the exchange served from a fibre-optic network, so the claim that there is something new, different (or better) about their latest roll-out is tenuous at best yet the regulators don't seem to think the public are being misled.

Back in 2008 here's what the ASA had to say about Virgin Media's claim their coax delivery was "fast fibre-optic cable broadband ... doesn't use copper wire":
We understood that co-axial cable was used to make the final connection from the street cabinet into the home. However, we also understood that this was a small proportion of the overall network that used fibre-optic cable. We concluded that the claim "this is delivered via a fibre optic cable" was unlikely to mislead.
 So there we have it.  Glass is metal in the world of the Advertising Standards Authority.

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