Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Asymmetric side effect

In comments posted on an article about the FTTP project at Ashby de la Launde it was pointed out that a PC infected with malicious botnet software on a traditional broadband connection is limited to adding at most a couple of hundred kilobits/second of bot traffic to the Internet.  A botnet PC on a FTTH connection could be pumping out 100Mbps of bot traffic.  A few tens of these could do the damage that takes thousands of botnet computers inflict currently, not to mention saturate the precious Internet uplink.

Not an Internet Protocol IDS
Perhaps we need to deploy Intrusion Detection Systems at the digital village pump to catch infected subscribers and maybe apply some kind of automatic quarantine to their connections.

This is a problem that commercial ISP's don't need to worry too much about. Apart from the asymmetric bandwidth limitation, they make money selling bandwidth so the more that's used the better whereas a community network needs to take care not to squander the expensive uplink.

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